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here is Steven Jones speaking where we meet up!






















San Antonio Mutual UFO Network Meeting


Where:  Denny's I-10 / Wurzbach  (Corner of the Frontage Road & Computer Drive)
Address: 9550 W Interstate 10 San Antonio, TX 78229
Time: 7:00 PM
Date: Fourth Tuesday of every month


Have dinner with us! Our UFO meeting gathers at 6:00 PM to eat dinner.

Local Denny's Website | Their Menu




Every month we hold our Mufon San Antonio meetings where we talk about UFO's, Aliens, ancient astronauts and so much more! You really should be there!! Everyone is welcome - you do not have to be a member of Mufon to attend these meetings. Dress comfy and casual or come straight from work or wear your Sunday's best :) Dress up, dress down, we do not care! We look forward to meeting with you!


Mufon San Antonio recognizes that in order to be an active group it must not only have a presence in the community, but provide a service to that community. To that end, Mufon San Antonio is making every effort to be a Resource for San Antonio. Mufon San Antonio is here to help navigate this network for their community.


What happens at the UFO Meetings? What do you do in a UFO gathering? Will I be able to share my experience finally?  What if I have something to talk about and share ?


WOW! Those are great questions!  As you browse through our Archived UFO Presentations you will see we have Special UFO Featured Speakers form time to time. If we have one we will announce it in a big way. Top and front of the homepage chock full of information about our UFO Guest Presenter :)


As you can tell from below, the answers to your others questions are a big fat YES! If you have more great questions like those please contact us we love sharing all about our UFO Meetings!


Our Open UFO Meeting Discussions:  Member & Public Video, Current Ufo Sightings, Anyone can share or privately talk to someone, Rountable Discussion, "Show and Tell".


If you have an experience you have been waiting to share openly or privately, this is the perfect meeting to share. Perhaps no one around you will understand or you do not feel comfortable talking about ufo's in public -  this is the perfect meeting for you.

Lots of folks come and investigate and share because there is no where for them to talk about his. This is a great time to get this 'ufo' business off your chest, relax in an environment because we get it. Come and network and expand your resources.

Enjoy ufo roundtable discussions, videos, stories, evidence and the San Antonio Mufon Community joining together with a variety of different people with the common interest of so many topics.


See ya there!




Toggle the map by hovering your pointer over the map, click to hold, and hold the image as you move the image around into a better perspective should you need to. It gives you more of an aerial view. If you click the + (plus) sign, it will zoom in.  When you are ready to see it up close and in action, click on "View Larger Map". It opens in a new tab/window, and you can get directions and zoom in. If you have any questions at all please visit our contact page and write us. We are always glad to help!



View Larger Map and Get Directions from your location



Driving from 410

Once you are on I-10, you will want to take the Wurzbach exit


From here you can get to Denny's three different ways:

    after exiting I-10 onto Wurzbach and once you are getting up to Wurzbach turnaround - instead of turning in the U turn area, as the image below appears, try this - turn left at the light at Wurzbach and continue until you get to Bluemel Rd. It will be the first left and then continue to Computer Drive and turn left. Denny's is right there!
    take the Wurzbach exit off I-10 and the turn-around and stay on the frontage road. You will want to carefully drive all the way into the right lane once you make that turn around, because Denny's is right there once you pass McDonalds on the right side. The image below is where you will be once you are on the other side of the turn around and coming into view of Shell | McDonalds | Denny's.
    There are two streets right after Denny's that will allow you to turn right and take the back roads to Computer Drive so you do not have to vere over quickly. The first one is Console Dr. and the second one is Parkdale St.

    These two streets lead to Bluemel St. Turn right on Bluemel. Follow this road until you see Computer Dr. on the right and you should see Denny's by the Interstate.



Driving from other areas

If you are coming in from other areas of town, it is pretty much a straight shot. Use the link above marked "View Larger Map" and you can see the exits you will need  to take. Please contact us for any questions you may have.


Where:  Denny's I-10 / Wurzbach  (Corner of the Frontage Road & Computer Drive)
Address: 9550 W Interstate 10 San Antonio, TX 78229
Time: 7:00 PM (We eat @ 6:00pm or earlier)
Date: Fourth Tuesday of every month














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