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You Can Report Your UFO Sighting

Report A Ufo to

You can Report your Ufo sighting to MUFON. If you are experiencing any UFO| ET activity in or around San Antonio right now call us (210) 382-2118. Mufon San Antonio helps navigate these challenges for their community.

Featured UFO Meeting Speaker

Jason McLeos Dark Siege

Every month we gather as a group of UFO enthusiasts, researchers, explorers and curious minds learning and discussing all things UFO. With other avenues of adventure such as Sasquatch, the Paranormal or other wordly phenomena.

Ufo Et Paranormal Sasquatch Pi-40 Occult Mystery Alien Technology Camoflauge

Where San Antonio Mufon Meets

Ufo Et meetings with San Antonio Mufon

San Antonio Mufon recognizes that in order to be an active group it must not only have a presence in the community, but provide a service to it. Here you will find where we meet for the gathering of UFO and ET discussions.

Ufo Video and Podcase Famous Cases

10 Things To Do If You Encounter A Ufo Resource tips to better prepare you for your Ufo and ET encounters.

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